SUMMARY: NW Co-ordinators and Deputies

100%   Police (Community) Alerts should include warnings of Scams, Anti-social behaviour, Serious Violence etc.


91%   Would like to see the development and improvement communications, crime prevention, and alert sharing between the various Watches (including Farm Watch; Horse Watch; Boat Watch etc.) AND would like to see all Watches working closer together under a common ‘Avon and Somerset Watch’ purpose.

81%  Police (Community) Alerts should be a ‘post-code’ based.

60%  Would welcome a 999 and 101 mobile app, to improve access and reporting to the Police and Emergency Services.

73%   Neighbourhood Watch needs modernising to increase interest and improve perceived relevance?

62%   That it would useful to have an online system for local NW Schemes to contact each other and share information?


56%   They were not confident, or not confident at all, that their NW Scheme would continue running if the Co-ordinator was to leave.

51%   Moving away from the traditional Co-ordinator ‘centric’ scheme model; having a ‘flatter’ structure; and using social media apps for communication would be beneficial.  

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