OPEN SURVEY -  2019  


This 'Open Survey' is for all NW Scheme Members within the Force Area. So if you belong to a NW Scheme we are interested in your views as it will help develop and lobby for improvements in support of  Neighbourhood Watch within Avon and Somerset and Nationally.


To provide you with some background and an update on current issues raised in the Open Survey  do have a look at the five YouTube video presentations below; 


(NB. This is the first time we have created video presentations - so it's a learning curve for us!)

(The original PowerPoint presentations are here , should you wish to use them) 

Q1. How confident are you that your NW Scheme would continue running if the Co-ordinator was to leave?
Q2. How does your Scheme Communicate?
Q3. Do you think that Neighbourhood Watch needs modernising to increase interest and improve perceived relevance?
Q4. Did you know that you can register to receive Alerts from the Police (Community Alert) and Action Fraud?
Q5. Are you registered to receive Alerts from Action Fraud?
Q6. Are you registered to receive Police Community Alerts?
Q7. In terms of resilience, do you think your NW Scheme would benefit from adopting the structural and communications recommendations made in the video presentation (Part 2)?
Q8. Do you think that it would useful to have an online system for local NW Schemes to contact each other and share information? (Video presentation - Part 3)
Q9. To develop and improve communications, crime prevention, and alert sharing between the various of Watches (including Farm Watch; Horse Watch; Boat Watch etc.): Would you like to see all Watches working closer together under a common ‘Avon and Somerset Watch’ purpose?
Q10. Do you think Police Alerts should include warnings of Scams, Anti-social behaviour, Serious Violence etc?
Q11. Would you prefer Police Alerts to be a ‘post-code’ based as described in the video presentation (Part 4)
Q12. Would you welcome a 999 and 101 mobile app, as described in video presentation – Part 5, to improve access and reporting to the Police and Emergency Services?
Q13. Do you know how to contact your local Police Beat Team directly to report local issues and to discuss your concerns?
Q14. Did you know that you can also report your concerns to Crimestoppers anonymously.

Thank You for Submitting