As we all know, Avon and Somerset covers a large area, some 1,855 square miles, and we need to ensure that everyone is included and fully supported: whether you live in an urban or a rural setting. So we will be making extensive use of the internet, mobile apps and telephone messaging to facilitate good communications and access to information for all. We are starting to make some of these systems ‘live’, and alongside this web-space there will be an email system; an on-line forum; and an on-line survey facility – along with social media platforms.

By the time you have read through to this point, you will probably have questions you want to ask – so please ask them.  Just use this link to take you to a Google Form to submit your questions & comments. 

We will bring all your questions and comments together, to create a FAQ section on this website where we can reply and start working through the issues you raise. This will also give us a good starting point for the on-line forum that we will be making ‘live’ shortly.


Besides sending us your questions & comments, we will need your support and expertise to help develop the Association. We would welcome your help in the areas of web development and maintenance, on-line forum administration, and publicity and media management. So, if you have working experience in any of these areas – or know of anyone who would like to help – please email me using this link.

In addition, we will be looking for ‘district’ representatives from across Avon and Somerset to join the committee. These ‘districts’ are the local authority areas of;  South Gloucestershire, Bristol , Bath & North East Somerset, North Somerset, Mendip, Sedgemoor, South Somerset, Taunton Deane and West Somerset, which also map onto the Avon and Somerset police beats. So, if you want more information, and would like to be part of the ASNWA committee serving your area – please email me using this link.