Neighbourhood Watch - 'HOW-TO'

Here is how we assure that setting up and running a Scheme is easy and that the procedures are straightforward and 'transparent' - as well as modernising and using new technologies wherever appropriate. Internet access, computers and smartphones are now ubiquitous - so we need to use these 'tools' for the next generation of NW co-ordinators and Scheme members.


So let's make a start!


1. New NW Schemes:

Starting up a new NW Scheme, or taking over as Co-ordinator,  is really very simple and easy.

To download the 'How To' pdf  - please 'click' here.

2. NW Street Signs - Guidance 

We have contacted all the local authorities in Avon and Somerset, as well as the power and telephone service providers to establish the current procedures to erect NW signage on streetlight poles etc.  There is a 'wealth' of legislation and regulation on this topic - but it's straightforward, if not a little tedious.


We have prepared the guidance in the following pdf files;

GuidanceApplicationExample MapLocation GridRegulations,   Insurance,   Risk Assessment

If you find you need help, then contact your local NW association or one of the police NW Administrators listed on our website page (NW Matters).

*LATEST NEWS* Bristol City Council (BCC) have changed their procedures and fees. 

BCC Codes of Practice   and    BCC Application Form

(NB. Use the guidance above to provide the required information) 

As a good will gesture BCC appear to be waiving the fees to NW applicants, but you may need to remind them?

3. NW Street Signs, Sign Overlays and Window Stickers

We have negotiated an arrangement with the licensed wholesale printer Normanton Screen Print to allow you to make 'small order' purchases of NW Street Signs; Sign Overlays and Window Stickers directly from them, for your Scheme.  This arrangement recognises that Normanton Screen Print is primarily a wholesale printer, and as such, this provision for 'small orders' is ONLY offered on an email (or postal) basis .

Working in collaboration with Normanton Screen Print we have prepared an;

NW Scheme Signage Brochure 


NW Scheme Signage Order Form.

The ordering process for signage, overlays and stickers is straightforward. Simply choose what you want from the brochure; fill in the 'Number Required'  on the order form; 'Click to Update'  (costs including p&p are calculated automatically in the form); fill in 'Your Details' ; and email (or post) your order. All the details are on the order form.

If you find that your computer, laptop or tablet does not have the necessary pdf software to fill in the order form then got to; 

and upload the form to fill it in 'on-line', or download the software onto your tablet or computer - whichever you prefer -  it's free! 

Lastly, please remember that you will need to apply for permission to erect NW signage on street lighting and telephone poles - so do consult the guidance in the previous section.

In a hurry for window stickers? Then download and print your own



From 25th May 2018, all new Scheme Members need to give their consent to who holds their data and it's use. We have send out guidance, which we would advise that you read to ensure that you and your scheme or association comply to these new data protection regulations.

To help you administer GDPR 'consent' easily, we have created a 'sign-able'  pdf form that you can send out to new members - along with instructions on how to use this template;

5. NW Public Liability & Members Guide

To be assured that your Scheme has Public Liability Insuarnce Cover (PLI), register your scheme on at ( who provide this cover.

PLI Insurance Certificate 2021-22


NW Members Guide

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