Protecting your home and possessions, using standard methods, is now commonplace and is proving to help deter criminals. It is also something most insurance companies take into consideration when quoting the price of your premium.


The examples below will hopefully give you something to think about and to help you decide what you need and whether you could do the work yourself. These are all presented as videos and we are not promoting any product in particular, so just click!

For further advice on out-building security from the Police, please read >>  Out-Buildings

And PIR floodlights are known to deter.

For more advice on CCTV please read >> Constabulary advice on CCTV

If you are away overnight then a light on a plug-in timer or light sensing switch will add security.

AND remember - do not leave keys in any of your locks (including windows)

What about Your Credit Cards?

If your credit (or debit card) can do 'contactless' payments and you can just 'swipe' your card at a cash till, then your card uses Radio-Frequency Identification (RFID).

To check, if your card carries the RFID logo , as shown in this photo, then YES it is! 

To protect your card being 'skimmed' (illegally 'swiped')  you could consider buying an RFID protection sleeve for your card. Technically, this is just acts as a 'Faraday Cage' and blocks radio signals accessing your card. 

OR you could make your own for FREE!   Watch our video to see how >>>>

RDIF Card.png

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