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The safety, security and well-being of your friends, family, colleagues and community are dependent on:

  • RECEIVING up-to-date information and advice on issues of safety, security and well being

  • IMPLEMENTING advice and ACTING on information

  • WORK TOGETHER as a community

  • REPORTING crime and issues that affect your safety and security - and that of others



Through shared facilitation, a Community Watch or Keep Safe Scheme needs to ensure that all Scheme members:

  1. Continually receive up-to-date information and advice for their safety, security and well-being

  2.  Are encouraged and helped to act on information and advice received

  3.  Can communicate quickly and directly with each other to discuss issues arising, provide feedback, work together and support each other

  4.  Know how to report issues and concerns to affect their safety, well-being and security - and that of others - to the Emergency Services and Support Agencies


Add COMMUNITY WATCH or  KEEP SAFE to  your GROUP or BUSINESS to help assure to the safety, security and well-being of


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To register Community Watch or Keep Safe  for police 'Community Alerts' just click below;

Enter your details and for the moment, select 'Neighbourhood Watch' as your 'group type'.

(We are currently in discussions with the Community Alert team to add 'Community Watch'  and 'Keep Safe' as a 'groups').

For other sources of information and advice for your group, go to our 'Staying Informed' page.