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The Avon and Somerset Neighbourhood Watch Association (ASNWA) arises from changes to local Neighbourhood Watch (NW) representation to the national Neighbourhood and Homes Watch Network (NHWN) and the Constabulary: based on police ‘force areas’. These changes apply to all NW ‘force areas’ across England and Wales. The ASNWA covers the Avon and Somerset Constabulary ‘force area, and if your NW scheme (or schemes) lay within this force area, you are part of this newly formed 'force area' Association.   

The Association has been developed and led by a voluntary group of experienced NW co-ordinators from across Avon and Somerset and actively supported by the Avon and Somerset Police and the PCC. The Association has a constitution and collaborative Memoranda of Understanding  (MoU) with the Police and Crime Commissioner (PCC); and the Chief Constable(CC) of the Avon and Somerset police: as well as ‘start-up’ funding. The Association supports all NW co-ordinators and schemes across the ‘force area’ and is committed to promoting and actively improving NW support across Avon and Somerset.


The Association aims to provide information and coordination in support of a safe and secure environment for individuals and communities within the 'force area'; as well as providing opportunities to become actively involved in organisations, schemes and projects across Avon and Somerset.  We are extending the traditional role and scope of Neighbourhood Watch and its principles to provide a wider and more inclusive support network to collectively meet new and emerging challenges in today’s rapidly changing world; and to encourage active participation.

The Association will provide an influential support platform, and voice, for all NW schemes and associations within the Avon and Somerset Police ‘force area’: and will act as the primary 'single point of contact' and consultation for the Constabulary and the PCC.  The principal role of the Association is to enhance and develop Neighbourhood Watch across Avon and Somerset. In addition, we will be working with other voluntary organisations; public and private sector bodies concerned with reducing crime; anti-social behaviour; and improving safety, security and resilience of communities and the general public across Avon and Somerset.

 The Association will build on the excellent work that NW co-ordinators  already do and will provide the means for all of us to work together, network and share ideas more widely: to become a much more effective and collective force that can influence change and make a positive difference – for the better!

The ASNWA is committed to;

  • Developing improved; effective; and mutually beneficial two-way communications between the Constabulary and NW schemes, communities and the general public across the force area.

  • Developing internet-based systems to facilitate communications between NW co-ordinators and schemes across Avon and Somerset; as well as the Police.

  • Ensuring NW co-ordinators and scheme members have regular and up-to-date information on crime in their area, as well as internet and telephone based fraud.


  • Developing and maintaining an Avon and Somerset NW ‘Scheme Register’ of contact details to ensure effective communications and that all schemes have ‘Public Liability Insurance’ cover.


  • Reviewing the registration procedures for new NW schemes to ensure that the processes are simple, transparent, well supported and consistent across Avon and Somerset.


  • Developing on-line support materials for NW co-ordinators and communities, promote crime reduction and awareness as well as promoting police initiatives to fight crime.


  • Welcoming your input, questions and suggestions to add to this agenda – and to make it work!

We have started work on a number of projects aimed at improving communications and support for co-ordinators and communities, as well as the police. To give you some idea of the sort of the projects that we have started working on, please read through those listed in ASNWA Projects.pdf and let us know what you think; send in your ideas; and tell us what else we need to add to this list.

 "This is your ‘force area’ NW Association and is here to serve you." 

The Association is a voluntary non-profit organisation, so if you are able please; 


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